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    Pink Pagoda Fungus - Podoserpula miranda

    What you see in this picture is a spectacular Pink Pagoda Fungus, species Podoserpula miranda (Amylocorticiales - Amylocorticiaceae) discovered in the Pacific island archipelago of New Caledonia in 2009, and described in 2012.

    Podoserpula miranda not only has a highly striking color for a fungus but also an architecture that is especially fascinating to scientist, containing a unique set of six mushroom caps that are centered on one stalk and decrease  in size as they near the top. 

    References: [1] - [2] - [3]

    Photo credit: ©CIRAD/Marc Ducousso | Locality: New Caledonia

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  4. Anonymous said: I'm best friends with this person. And my achievements have never been recognised by them. I mean, an easy congratulations is there but I sense that they're not as impressed. And it makes me feel like shit. Because it belittles me and puts me in a bad state of mind that what I do isn't for me. But it also feels that it's all in my head.

    Hi anon, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply to this but I’ve sort of been mulling over how to reply to this.

    First up, my advice is that you probably need to approach your best friend - if they’re your best friend then it’s important for you to be able to talk to them about anything, especially something like this which may affect your relationship negatively if left to fester too long.

    Secondly, even if you feel like it’s all in your head it’s good to talk it out, because if it isn’t then there’s an issue that needs confronting, and if it is then you’ll know for sure and that can help to ease your mind, and maybe your friend can make a conscious effort to be more obviously supportive in the future since they now know how you feel.

    Lastly, I know for a fact that I can be a terrible perpetrator of this sort of attitude, and almost always it’s for a personal reason and never aimed at the person in question. Often it can be a sense of jealousy - they’re succeeding and I’m not, or I feel worthless or useless because I’m not as successful as my friends. In my case it is never because I don’t respect my friend’s success, but it can easily come across that way and so I’ve made a conscious effort to try to be outwardly happy for my friends when they succeed. I know I still slip up because my mental issues are so deeply ingrained from such a long history of being suppressed that it’s hard to avoid them or notice them until it’s too late, but the fact is if a friend felt that I was doing this to them I would hate to think they thought it was them, and I would hope that they would approach me about it so we can talk it through and I can apologise for being a butt.

    I can’t say your friend will feel the same way but it can only benefit you to try and talk to them about this. Explain it the same way you’ve explained it to me, tell them how it makes you feel, and then hopefully start a dialogue on the possible reasons behind their actions and your interpretation of their actions.

    Good luck xx


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    Polish Poster for Blue Velvet (David Lynch, 1986)

    Designed by Jan Mlodozeniec

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  9. Do you ever stop and think how many bugs are right near you at any one time